The Mechanism

(preview version)
1080p HD Video, 17:04 , 2017.
Developed with the assistance of ZK/U, Berlin and The Forum of Sensory Motion.
Originally presented as a performance-lecture at The Forum of Sensory Motion, Athens, 2017, Westspace, Melbourne, 2017.
Screenings: Testing Grounds, Melbourne, 2017.

IN 1901 a mysterious device is found in a Roman shipwreck of the island of Antikythera. In 1974 a science fiction author has a revelation that reality is an illusion controlled by an ancient roman machine called the Black Iron Prison. In 2028 a prominent technologist gives a press conference to announce he has died and is addressing his audience from an augmented reality network called After-life. This complex narrative weaves together historical research, philosophical enquiry and speculation on future events.
Shot in Greece, Germany and Australia.