Works<30s No. 46 - 55 - with Lou Hubbard

(preview version) 2015, Single Channel HD Video, Stereo, 26:19

shown as part of Work With Me Here - Nathan Gray, RMIT DesignHub, 2015
and North Projects, Christchurch, June 2016

This work, or arc of works within the broader series Works<30s developed out of a discussion about death, productivity and the power dynamics of the teacher student relationship with my former masters supervisor Lou Hubbard.

During the discussion Lou set me the task of creating 10 new works based on our recorded conversation. The resulting work feature's Lou's words subtitled over footage recorded on a road trip around the south island of New Zealand. Lou's sentences are disembodied from their context in the conversation and placed over unrelated images in order to generate new meanings and mutual distort both the image and words.