The Port

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Film with live narration, Approx. 22 min , 2017.
Presented by ZK/U Berlin at Berlin Art week 2017 and Liquid Architecture at Speculative Executions, Westspace, Melbourne 2017 and Acoustic Justice, Australian Federal Court, 2017

During an artists’ residency at a port in Germany and a period of intense research into the history of the global supply chain the narrator begins to notice something is amiss. A sense of rising anxiety peaks as they discover that the port itself seems to be trying to communicate with them.

A science fiction story based in real life dealing with containerisation, globalisation, driverless vehicles, The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, microwaves and AI.

This work was reformatted as witness testimony for the Liquid Architecture event Acoustic Justice at the Australian Federal Court, 2017

Image by Keelan O'Hehir

Image by Keelan O'Hehir