The Shakes

(preview version) 2016, Single Channel HD Video, Stereo, 25:14
Presented by Liquid Architecture, March 2016
The Audio Foundation, Auckland, May 2016
North Projects, Christchurch, June 2016

Built through a process of structured improvisations, the work explores shaking as a phenomenon mapped through various mediums—sound, machine, body—focussing on the ambiguity of repetitive, obsessive movements that can be read as both symptoms of excitement or anxiety.

The Shakes is multi-linear, distributing a single timeline across a number of split screens, which are periodically interrupted and fragmented by other versions of the performance.

The Shakes was filmed during the early hours of the morning in February 2016 in Brunswick and documented with the assistance of sound recordist Joe Talia and videographer Alex Cuffe.